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    About Lucroi

    We are a private, legally registered online investment company with the goal of earning the greatest profit possible from Cryptocurrency trading. Become a huge success in partnership with us.

    Investing online is fast becoming the most popular way to trade at all worldwide. Investors and funds of all kinds are shifting their trading online, and this has led to the growth of countless online investors and investment platforms on the web. However, the fact is that many of these platforms are unreliable.

    Anyone can join Lucroi LLC, Puerto Rico Network and begin earning a passive income daily by taking advantage of our expertise in BitcoinTrading. The Lucroi LLC, Puerto Rico is similar to an investment club, popularized by investors who have little to intermediate investment experience but still want to grow their portfolios like the professionals.

    Lucroi LLC, Puerto Rico Investment Company Limited is now online to give all kinds of clients an excellent chance to start a new era of earning from cryptocurrency. we believe a diversified core portfolio, driven by dynamic sector and company fundamental analysis, is the key to delivering consistent, risk-free, long-term performance in the international crypto markets. Our team of professionals continuously searches for secular tailwinds. Our process is based on the assets strategy. We believe, that our years of experiences will provide a unique perspective in the world of international crytocurrency investment. Over the years, we have learned some valuable lessons, and launching this company gives us a chance to serve investors with that knowledge and experience, propelling us forward. we like to share our firm values with our clients as we feel they speak to who we are and what we stand for.

    SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – JANUARY 31, 2019 – CoinAgenda, the premier global conference series for connecting blockchain and cryptocurrency investors with startups since 2014. World-class networking events with a special focus on blockchain economic development in Puerto Rico and friendly jurisdictions in the Caribbean, the rise of security tokens, enterprise applications, changes in the digital currency funding vehicles and digital currency exchanges.

    In other words, cryptocurrency isn't actually of indispensable importance to the day-to-day workings of the Floating Island Project, which could still theoretically operate without VAR. Instead, it’s using the digital currency in order to kickstart and boost its funding in a way that wouldn't be possible via traditional investment, something which is common to certain other 'crypto-state' projects.

    We are committed to remaining in control of decisions that impact our firm, employees, and investors. We offer two simple investment plans with a minimum investment of $10. You may have at least $10 and agree to be legally bound by company's rules to start investing with us. You can get back upto 5% daily for 28 days including weekends with total return on investment of 140% (capital inclusive).

    How to start with Us

    Our company offers a profitable investment for everyone.

    Years of trading experience in the crypto-currency markets provide a stable income not only for company but also for numerous clients around the world. Today our automated platform allows anyone to become an investor and earn on a daily basis with our realistic investment plan.

    Create an account
    Choose a plan
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    Withdraw profit
    Reinvest for a new plan

    We accept the following electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, and AdvCash. If you do not have an account in the mentioned above electronic payment systems, you can always create a free account in one or all of these electronic payment systems.

    Puerto Rico Legitimate Project (Lucroi)

    In early 2018, The New York Times kicked off a wave of “Puertopia” articles about the bitcoin billionaires flocking to Puerto Rico. Led by blockchain entrepreneur Brock Pierce, these people see Puerto Rico as the ideal place to create new businesses. The Blockchain advisory council will be made up of members of both the private and public sector, including Chief Information Officer of the Government of Puerto Rico Luis Arocho, Commissioner of Financial Institutions George Joyner, and Secretary of Treasury Raúl Maldonado for the public sector. The private sector side will include “several investors, entrepreneurs, and Blockchain technology experts who have moved to Puerto Rico in recent months, as well as industry leaders from the United States,” according to the DDEC.



    We are officially registered company under the government of Puerto Rico. Founded 2019, with the primary mission to empower people to invest with confidence and strong core values of integrity and innovation, we always put our clients first, and center all our efforts into enabling investors of all levels to unleash their true potential. Whether it is our customer service, or any of our other superior services – we work hard to ensure our clients have a pleasant investments experience.


    The company has passed the necessary procedure of complete check of activity to get the EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate from Comodo Inc - high level of trust with green address bar.


    Liecensed script powered by Gold Coders for strong security and for instant withdrawal of all currency type.

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    We are aimed to provide fast support round the clock to our investors.
    We offer two simple investment plans with a minimum investment of $10
    We believe our affiliate program can give you a pleasant surprise.

    As Internet technologies began to grow rapidly, Lucroi LLC, Puerto Rico we decided to go online to give an opportunity to online investors and low-capital investors to participate in our investment plans independently of the amount of capital they have, their location, nationality and social status. It is also an opportunity for us to reduce transaction costs and attract new clients. From the very beginning we were devoted to our clients' success. So even if all you have is an original idea of investing in bitcoin market, you can totally rely on us as we provide you a whole solution

    Specifically, we consider the following online investment areas as the most perspective ones: using trade in binary options, as well as cryptocurrency trade. Our objective is to coordinate trading strategy and to consolidate the team of personalities each one of whom is a unique expert in the specific work area. Our developments in the trading and cryptocurrency areas comprise a unique intellectual product, our achievement which rightfully makes our team proud.
    We are here to help you change your near future. Lucroi LLC, Puerto Rico we are the perfect choice for you to make money online with minimum risk. Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not professionals. Every moment our specialists are working for the benefit of our clients.
    We have a long-term experience of successful trading. Our team consists of experienced specialists who not only make qualified market analysis, but also provide high results in getting good profits. The interests of our clients are our priority. Our main goal is to reduce the investment risk to a minimum. Our trading is not only profitable but also safe. Choosing our company for the investments you choose a reliable financial partner for many years.

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